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Court Painting

We have a range of coloured paint available and we use the best equipment to ensure the finish meets LTA and industry standards, as well as being very tidy.

We offer full tennis court painting services, as well as line painting and patch ups. 

It is necessary (depending on the condition of your court) that the surface is prepared properly, as the paint must be applied correctly in order for the court to drain, after the paint is applied.

If the court is dirty, it must be cleaned before and moss control is advised.

Furthermore, older tennis court surfaces are vulnerable to cracking, in this case it is useful to apply a tennis court surface binder, although the paint mix is strong, a binder will help strengthen the tennis court surface even more so. 

+Professional appearance  

+Meets LTA and industry standards

+Paint which helps strengthen the surface & prevents moss/algae 

+Overall better playing surface

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Tennis Court Cleaning - 
Before and Afte

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